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Viz Impact is a platform for all the creative people to showcase their work. The creative journey is an on-going process for all the artists.
The creative juices keep on inspiring an artist to deep dive into the pool of exploring and experimenting. Sleepless nights, crazy experimental ideas, doing and redoing the artwork are all signs of an artist.
Creativity is like a virus that keeps artists intoxicated.
The virus helps explore hidden treasures of creativity at the sea beds. Once an artist, forever a Creative Keeda!


First Year

Jump and dive in a pool of creativity!

This is an on-going process and we welcome you to join us in this creative pursuit. Learn the basic skillsets of applying your creativity for brand building, designing and advertising.
Come, let's have a first-hand experience here.

Second Year

Explore the corals and reefs!

You are an experienced diver now, so enjoy the process and explore deeper into this creative pool. Swim in to find the treasures of advertising and designing.
Evolve by understanding the trends and myths of the creative world. Break the illusion, relive the Creative Keeda.

Third Year

In search of the hidden riches!
You are now a trained creative diver and explorer.

Polish your skills more through different media. Explore the hidden treasures within you with specialization and experimentation. The sea of opportunities is waiting for you to dive-in and explore the hidden treasures at the base. 

Final Year

Creative Diver, Are You?

The dive has filled you with experiences and expressions, unfolding you as a person - as an advertiser. You swim on the threshold of this ever-evolving market practices and trends. The Creative Keeda within you is now a trained diver with knowledgeable treasures. Open up your oyster shells to flaunt the pearls within you. 

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